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I’m Paul Docherty, and I started Deskonnect in late 2015. Earlier that year I needed to reconsider my workplace and went looking for a new office. I had been happily freelancing at home for a few years, but bigger workloads, a need to increase productivity, and the need to accommodate another business venture at home meant I needed to find a new place to operate from.

So, I set out to look for an office to rent near where I live. I soon found out that renting an office is much more of a commitment than I’d originally bargained for. Rent, rates, broadband and utilities costs soon mounted up and it became very clear very quickly that renting my own office was just not going to be a cost-effective option for me as a microbusiness. So I ditched the idea.

Re-assessing my needs, I quickly realised that all I really needed was a desk in an agreeable space, with access to fast, reliable wifi. That’s pretty much every office space in the world nowadays, so there must be places where I could share a workspace or rent an unused desk in return for a reasonable monthly rental fee.

I’m not located in the centre of a busy city where coworking spaces and hot desking facilities are popping up all the time, but I don’t live in the sticks either. Finding a way to identify a good shared workspace to operate from was proving difficult. I kept looking and asking around, and eventually found a few options, including the great coworking space I now find myself in, but it wasn’t an easy search.

It occurred to me that having a single website that would list all the cost-effective options for renting a desk near me would have been great – but I couldn’t find that platform online either.

So Deskonnect was born.

If you have spare desks in your workplace, or if you run a coworking and hot desking space, advertise a desk on Deskonnect and reach out to freelancers, microbusiness owners and entrepreneurs like me. You’ll be surprised how many people are out there looking for a cost-effective coworking or hot desking option. Earn from your spare capacity and open your workspace to new connections and collaborations.

If you’re looking for a desk to rent, sign up to hear about new desks and we’ll keep you up to date as new workspaces are listed near you.