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Connecting people and spaces

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I need a desk

If you're looking to rent a desk, you're in the right place.
Many companies have spare desk and office capacity that just isn't earning them anything. If you're a freelancer or if you work from home, you'll know that sometimes there can be distractions, or sometimes you just want to be in a more sociable environment while you work.

Whatever your reason for needing a desk or an office of your own, it's not always easy to find small, affordable spaces. With high rents and local authority rates, particularly in cities, having your own premises can seem out of reach financially, when there's really no need to stretch yourself like that. You could rent a desk at an affordable rate, while another local business earns some value from their spare desk capacity.

Here at Deskonnect.com, you can find a space to work from and disconnect from the distractions of working at home or in coffee shops. You'll connect with other local businesses offering hot-desking or permanent desk capacity at prices you can afford.

I've got desks

If you've got spare capacity, it makes a lot of sense to try and get those spare desks to earn some revenue.
More and more people are working from home or working with micro-businesses which have no dedicated premises. Sometimes people just need a space they can work productively in, and sometimes they just want to get out of their home office and work beside other people.

You could offer much-needed space to freelancers or micro-business workers looking to rent a desk, while earning from your spare capacity. And you never know who might land in your office with you. They could be the key to your next big project!

The last few years has seen an explosion in freelancing and the popularity of micro-businesses. More and more people are working from home, whether it's for their own company or remote working with another firm.

While working at home has lots of advantages, sometimes it can be difficult. There are distractions everywhere. Many freelancers need the ability to 'go to work' outside their home, for the sake of their sanity and productivity.

Combine this with the number of companies that have spare desk capacity and you can see the possibilities. Freelancers finding desks without leasing expensive properties, and companies earning from their spare desk space.

Freelancers and micro-businesses find the space they need to operate at a price they can afford and companies get value from their spare capacity.

It's a win win ...and all our ads now last 60 days.